Gold: $1214.98 2018-08-10 08:26:02
Silver: $15.46 2018-08-10 08:26:02
Platinum: $838.52 2018-08-10 08:26:02
Palladium: $914.54 2018-08-10 08:26:02


in Ancient Coins

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Ancient Coins


Ancient Coins

Collectors and investors across the globe are fascinated by ancient coins, which are among the most coveted rarities in the world today. Not only do ancient coins have a greater intrinsic value but they also give us an insight into the historical events of their time. Of course, ancient coins are limited in their availability because they are no longer being struck and there are more buyers than sellers of these treasures. This also means that ancient coins have significantly increased in value in recent years, especially those that have remained in excellent condition.

Collect a Piece of History

Ancient coins date back thousands of years and enjoy an expanding market demand. Although these coins are becoming increasingly rare, it’s actually quite incredible to think that you still have the opportunity to own a coin that was once approved by Alexander the Great or Cleopatra VII. While gold and silver ancient coins tend to be worth more, electrum ancients also boast holding value and are sought after by the wealthiest of collectors and investors. Whether it be an antique Greek coin, Egyptian coin or Persian coin, you can collect rare pieces of history safe in the knowledge that your investment has a bright future.

If you’re interested in purchasing Athena Coins, Athenian Owl Coins, Ptolemaic Coins, Lydian Coins or any other ancient coin, you can always rely on Capital Gold Group to provide you with high-quality examples. We handpick each and every one of our ancient coins and offer specimens that have been graded by NGC Ancients.

Ancient Coin Grading and Authentication

If you’ve ever been put off from purchasing a particular ancient coin because you don’t have the ability to tell if it’s authentic, you’re certainly not alone. Even though you may not have the expertise to determine whether a coin is genuine or fake, there is a trusted grading service in the United States that can.

Since 2008, NGC Ancients, a branch of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has been identifying and grading ancient coins. Prior to this, all ancient coins were traded “raw” and only given an approximate grade, which basically means they were not certified and their authenticity was not guaranteed. Thankfully, NGC Ancients has put an end to this problem.

The introduction of the NGC Ancients grading service in 2008 has given today’s buyers and collectors the confidence to purchase ancient coins, a market which is now experiencing tremendous growth. This doesn’t surprise us, especially as the NGC has been around since 1987 and is currently the world’s largest and most trusted third-party grading service for coins.

NGC Ancients provides unbiased and precise analysis of not only a coin’s quality but also its preservation. With this information, NGC Ancients can grade the coin. The rarity of the coin is then taken into consideration before determining its value and market demand. This service has been a real blessing for buyers and collectors wishing to discover the authenticity and true value of their ancient coins.

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