The Great Banking Deception

Is the U.S. economy really on the road to recovery? The majority of Americans don’t think so. What should we take away from President Obama’s speech this week regarding his military strategy to attack ISIS? Has gold hit its bottom? How long will it stay at these low prices levels? Learn the important factors you must consider for the long-term when planning out your financial future. Find out how you can roll over an IRA or old 401k into a Precious Metals IRA. The days of the federal government bailing out troubled banks are over. Who are the banks going to turn to when they face another crisis? Think back to the Cyprus bank bail-in and recognize how this form of wealth confiscation is gaining traction around the world. Could silver’s many industrial uses give way to a substantial increase in demand in the near future? Tune in to find out what you need to know now to make prudent decisions that will safeguard your long-term capital.