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Why You Need To Buy Physical Gold Now And Store It At Home

July 4, 2018

by Admin

Planning for your financial retirement requires savvy investment initiative. And that requires diversifying your investment portfolio with a Gold IRA.

Planning for your financial retirement requires savvy investment initiative. And that requires diversifying your investment portfolio with a Gold IRA.

No investment portfolio is financially balanced without gold bullion. As a matter of fact, pension plans that do not include the yellow metal lose money.

The reason for that is because gold is used as a hedge against other investments and helps you retain the financial goals you are aiming for when you retire.

The key questions to ask are when to buy gold and how to store your assets.

The quick answer is to buy physical gold when the prices are low and store your investment at home.

Here’s why you need to buy gold now!

Buy gold when price is low

You have probably heard the axiom of investors: “buy low, sell high.”

It’s a mantra that every savvy investor lives and dies by. And it makes complete sense. When you buy stocks and commodities at a low price, your profit margins are wider when you sell your assets.

Right now, gold is as low as it is ever going to get!

We know that gold rises in price over the long term. Ten years ago, you could buy gold at $870 an ounce. Today you have to pay $1255 an ounce.

You also need to know why the price of gold goes up. Gold prices always rise when there is geopolitical strife, when equity markets decline, and during a recession.

Why you need to buy gold now

Consider the last paragraph. In a ten year spell, how many incidences will there be that will make the price of gold rise. Now consider events of today that will spark a bullion bull run:

  • US and China Trade War
  • UChina pushing Yuan as default currency instead of dollar
  • UDollar-backed equities on brink of collapse
  • UIran and Israel threatening war in the Middle-East Iran
  • UEquity markets ready for correction
  • URising inflation around the globe
  • UThe financial system collapses every 11-15 years

You should also be asking yourself why Switzerland, China, Russia and other central banks are buying physical gold to support their pension programs.

And savvy investors follow the lead of the big money. So if central banks are buying physical gold for their pension programs, you should be as well!

The only way to purchase gold for a pension plan is with a Gold IRA.

Buy physical gold and store it at home

Physical gold retains its purchasing power over time because it adjusts to changes in inflation. Paper gold (ETF’s) on the other hand are untested over long periods, and because they are digital investments the prices can be manipulated.

Buying physical gold therefore gives you peace of mind and financial security. Unlike paper-backed equities you don’t have to concern yourself with which companies are performing well. You just have to hold on to your gold for the long-term and wait for prices to go up.

The other consideration is storing gold. You have several options; bank vaults or private companies. Alternatively, you can store it at home.

Whereas storing physical gold in a bank’s high-security storage facility is arguably the safer option, the cost is between $100-$250 a year – which means you will pay more in storage fees than the gold is worth.

You have the same issue with private companies that charge from $15 a month. The only financially viable option when buying gold is home storage.

Providing you have good security on your property and a safe place to store physical gold at home, the chances of losing your gold to thieves is a lot less likely than losing money to the banks.

The easiest way to buy precious metals for a Gold IRA is with Capital Gold Group. We purchase the products for you and arrange to send the bullion to your home address.

And setting up a Gold IRA account with us couldn’t be easier. All you have to to do is follow these three simple steps:


        1. Open a self-directed IRA with our gold bullion partner, Kingdom Trust

        2. Set up an LLC that qualifies you to own and manage gold bullion

        3. Purchase gold bullion coins that qualify for a Gold IRA. Our expert advisors are on hand if you need any guidance


Savvy investors buy physical gold for a Gold IRA and store it at home!

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