Gold: $1211.30 2018-08-10 21:33:02
Silver: $15.43 2018-08-10 21:33:02
Platinum: $838.52 2018-08-10 21:33:02
Palladium: $914.54 2018-08-10 21:33:02



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Individuals all over the globe have been hoarding gold for centuries, and this precious metal still remains a solid and long-term investment today. When investing in gold, many people choose to either solely invest in gold bars or a combination of various gold products to diversify their portfolio. Collectors are also attracted to gold, especially pieces with decorative reliefs and those that have been produced by some of the world’s most renowned mints.

If you’re interested in purchasing gold from a reputable dealer, we welcome you to browse our online catalog for more information on Sunshine Gold Bars, Perth Mint Bars, Engelhard Gold Bars, and a whole lot more.

Why Buy Gold Bars?

Many people invest in gold for a number of reasons including their ability to maintain their high value, even during periods of crisis. This means that gold offer certainty and the ultimate insurance against economic instability while other investments, such as stocks and shares are under-performing. As gold provides a long-term safe haven for those wanting to protect their wealth, gold is a low-risk asset that enable you to have a certain element of control over your future.

Demand for gold is another important factor to consider. Gold is a universal commodity that is used to produce various desirable products including jewelry and electronic items, and this reliable demand further stabilizes its price. Furthermore, the price of gold can often be forced higher in times of increased demand.

Additionally, the gold market’s depth and liquidity are nearly unparalleled, and gold can easily be converted into cash just about anywhere in the world. Gold bars also come in various weights, making them viable investment options for everyone including the budget-minded investor.

Build and Protect Your Wealth with Gold Bars

Whether it be a Valcambi Gold, a PAMP Suisse Gold or any other gold bar brand, Capital Gold Group offers quality bullion to add your investment portfolio. If you can’t see the specific gold you’re looking for in our online catalog, we’re more than happy to help you find it.

Sunshine Gold Bars

Produced by the famous Sunshine Minting, Inc. in Idaho, Sunshine Gold Bars are available in various weights, from 1 gram to 10 troy ounce of .9999 pure gold. Each bar comes with a unique serial number, as well as exclusive security features including the Mint Mark SI mark which is only visible when placing a special decoding lens over the security pad.

Respected in the industry as a leader, Sunshine Minting, Inc. is trusted to supply gold and other bullion products to U.S. Government Mints and financial institutions across the world. This means that each time you buy a Sunshine Gold Bar, you can be confident that you’re investing in the highest quality gold available in the United States today.

Valcambi Gold Bars

All Valcambi Gold Bars are minted by Valcambi Suisse, one of the world’s largest precious metals plants based in Balerna, Switzerland. Every Valcambi  Bar consists of .9999 fine gold and is engraved with the weight, purity, and metal content, along with the assayer’s mark. Valcambi Gold is also eligible for precious metals Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

Known for its outstanding craftsmanship for over 50 years, Valcambi Suisse is a leader in producing gold made of exquisite quality. From 1 gram and 1 ounce gold bars to Valcambi Gold CombiBars, Valcambi Suisse offers something for every short-term and long-term investor.

Perth Mint Gold Bars

As the oldest and largest fully integrated precious metals enterprise in Australia, the Perth Mint provides gold and other premium products to markets throughout the world. The Perth Mint Gold Bar has always been a favorite among investors for its security and verification features, as well as its .9999 fine gold purity.

Every bar from the Perth Mint features a beautiful swan logo, with a series of jumping kangaroos on the reverse. Not only are Perth Mint Gold Bars simply stunning but they will also make a wonderful addition to any portfolio.

PAMP Suisse Gold Bars

PAMP Suisse is responsible for producing some of the finest gold not only in Switzerland but the world and is one of the most respected bullion brands and precious metals refinery facilities. The PAMP Suisse Gold Bars boast an impressive purity of .9999 fine gold and are available in various weights to suit your needs.

Regardless of size, PAMP Suisse Gold Bars come complete with an assay card and unique serial number. As well as being available in different weights, these gold bars feature different images depending on the type of bar you choose.

Engelhard Gold Bars

Engelhard is a name synonymous with bullion investors around the globe for high-quality gold. Although Engelhard no longer produces gold bars and other bullion products for the public, they can still be found on the secondary market. As Engelhard is not in business anymore, Engelhard Gold Bars have become highly collectable and are sought after by investors and gold bullion enthusiasts.

This isn’t to say that second-hand condition Engelhard Gold Bars can’t be found, though. There are also various types of Engelhard Gold Bars to collect or invest in, from gold bars with simple Engelhard logos to those that have been hand poured.

Umicore Gold Bars

Located in Brussels, Belgium, the Umicore global materials technology and recycling group produce gold that are mostly made of recycled materials. Its facility is the largest of its kind in the whole world and Umicore Gold Bars are among the most commonly requested bullion products out there. Umicore’s gold bar range includes various weights, all of which have a purity of .9999 fine gold.

All Umicore Gold Bars are recognized as pure gold bars and have been marked with the official Umicore Feingold 999.9 certification and weight.

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