Gold: $1209.47 2018-11-10 18:19:02
Silver: $14.16 2018-11-10 18:19:02
Platinum: $853.67 2018-11-10 18:19:02
Palladium: $1114.67 2018-11-10 18:19:02



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Perth Mint Gold Bar

Perth Mint Gold Bar

Key Features

  • Contains .9999 pure gold
  • Produced by the Perth Mint in Australia
  • Obverse displays Perth Mint logo
  • Reverse features repeating kangaroo design
  • Eligible for Precious Metals IRAs

Recognized worldwide as the highest quality investment bullions, Perth Mint Gold Bars never fail to offer timeless beauty and value.

As the official bullion mint of Australia, the Perth Mint has a reputation for producing some of the very best gold bars on the market, attracting both investors and collectors along the way. Perth Mint Gold Bars are also instantly recognizable, boasting stylish and native designs to further enhance their aesthetic qualities.

The obverse side of each of these gold bars has the Perth Mint’s logo and a beautiful swan with a mirrored finish encircled by the engraving, THE PERTH MINT AUSTRALIA. Below the swan is the purity, metal content and weight of the bar, keeping the design simple yet eye-catching. On the reverse side of all Perth Mint Gold Bars is a repeating image of jumping kangaroos, which has also been given an attractive mirrored finish.

These guaranteed .9999 fine purity gold bars also come complete with CertiCard security traits to enable you to tell whether or not the protective packaging has been tampered with.

CertiCard Security Features

Any genuine Perth Mint Gold Bar will be presented in a tamper-evident case and come with a unique serial number and assay card to provide you with verification of its authenticity. However, these aren’t the only things included to offer you peace of mind about your gold bar. Perth Mint Gold Bars also have an impressive security feature, known as CertiCard.

Certicard security is designed to provide you with confidence that the Perth Mint Gold Bar you have purchased has not been tampered with. Its special technology uses luminescent UV ink on the bar’s packaging and can immediately detect any disturbance and tampering. The UV ink will activate and display the message “seal broken” as soon as anyone attempts to damage the plastic case.

The Perth Mint

Established in 1899, the Perth Mint was originally Australia’s third branch of Britain’s Royal Mint and remained under Britain’s jurisdiction until 1970. Ownership of the Perth Mint was then transferred to the Government of Western Australia, and the mint is still wholly owned by the same government today.

Not only is the Perth Mint best known for being the oldest operating mint in Australia but also a refiner of some of the most sought-after gold bars in the world. Furthermore, the Perth Mint has built an international reputation for the highest standards of quality, accuracy and integrity across all its gold investment products.

Invest in Australia’s Finest Gold Bars Today

Like with any major investment, you need to be careful and thoroughly examine your choices to ensure you only ever purchase gold bars that maintain your wealth. When it comes to Perth Mint Gold Bars, you can trust the excellent track record of the Perth Mint, a precious metals enterprise that has been around for over a century and offers products guaranteed by an official government.

Perth Mint Gold Bars are a favored choice for buyers and investors looking to secure their future with exquisite pieces of gold. Many gold collectors are attracted to the appearance of these bars because they have been enhanced with additional details and beautiful finishes. Boasting a magnificent purity of .9999 gold, all Perth Mint Gold Bars are also eligible for your precious metals Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

If you’re considering adding gold bars to your portfolio, Perth Mint Gold Bars are a fine choice, and available at Capital Gold Group. We focus on supplying you with only the highest-quality bullion bars, so you can rest assured that you’ll only ever receive authentic and attractive investment products when purchasing from us. Feel free to get in touch to place an order or find out more about any of the precious items in our vault.

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