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IN Liberty Gold Coin

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Liberty Gold Coin

Liberty Gold Coin

Key Features

  • Contains .2418 oz of .900 fine gold
  • Struck at the United States Mint
  • Obverse features a crowned profile of Lady Liberty
  • Reverse displays an American eagle
  • Both images designed by Christian Gobrecht
  • Face value of $5 (USD)

Popular for its rarity and history, the Liberty Gold Coin is the only United States series to be struck at all seven mints.

Originally produced in 1839, Liberty Gold Coins were once used in almost every aspect of American economic life and became one of the longest-running series from the United States Mint. Also known as Liberty Gold Half Eagles, these coins were discontinued in 1908 to make way for the Indian Gold Half Eagle Coins and now remain extremely scarce in the higher mint grades. As it has been over a century since the last Liberty Gold Coins were struck, they are now immensely popular among collectors looking to invest in gold coins.

Designed by Christian Gobrecht, Liberty Gold Coins feature a crowned profile of Lady Liberty on their obverse, with the word LIBERTY inscribed across her precious headdress. The mintage year sits under Liberty’s head, and thirteen stars representing the original U.S. colonies are situated around the outer edge. On the reverse of these coins is an image of an American eagle with spread wings and a shield over its chest, as well as an olive branch and a cluster of arrows in his talons. The inscriptions IN GOD WE TRUST, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and FIVE D also feature on the reverse.

The Liberty Gold Coin also happens to be the only coin that was struck at all seven U.S. Mints including Carson City, Charlotte, Dahlonega, Denver, New Orleans, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

Historic Design Background

There are a number of different Liberty Gold Coin designs to come from the U.S. Mint between 1795 and 1929. The original denomination was authorized by the Act of 1792 and was struck alongside the Quarter Eagle ($2.50) and Eagle ($10) coin. However, in 1839, the coin was redesigned by the U.S Mint engraver, Christian Gobrecht. This design was later modified from 1840 to 1843, which stayed the same right up until 1866 when the inscription IN GOD WE TRUST was included on the coin’s reverse.

This means that there are three key types of Liberty Gold Coins available to collectors, such as:

  1. The first Liberty head image created in 1839 with the mint mark on the obverse.
  2. The modified Liberty Gold Coin from 1840 to 1866 with no motto and the mint mark on the reverse.
  3. The modified Liberty Gold Coin from 1866 to 1908 with the motto IN GOD WE TRUST and the mint mark on the reverse.


The earlier varieties minted from 1839 to 1866 tend to be exceptionally scarce and very expensive when found in higher Mint State grades.

The Various Ways to Collect Liberty Gold Coins

All Liberty Gold Coins contain .2418 oz. of .900 pure gold and have a $5 face value, but they’re actually worth a lot more than a mere five dollars. These coins are also highly collectable, and if you want to add some to your collection, there are a number of ways to collect them.

Due to the broad range of Liberty Gold Coins issued, some coin hobbyists prefer to collect them by decade. For example, you could collect a coin from every year of the 1840s to make a complete set. Alternatively, you could choose to obtain a Liberty Gold Coin from each decade.

Another way to collect these desirable coins is by year. Your set would include a coin from every year in which the Liberty Gold Coin was produced, so one from 1839 right through to 1907.  Then again, you could collect them by mint, either one from each mint or many from one mint. Lastly, you may wish to acquire one of each of the three key types or focus solely on collecting proof varieties with or without the famous motto.

Give Your Gold Coin Collection Some Classic Appeal

If you’re looking to add a unique coin to your collection, the Liberty Gold Coin is an excellent choice. From 1839 to 1908, the entire series has become more and more popular over time, especially as no new versions have been created since the early 1900s.

Boasting high gold content for a coin of its time, along with rare value, these coins are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Investors and collectors in the United States and overseas search high and low for Liberty Gold Coins to enhance their portfolios or complete their sets. However, Capital Gold Group can help you in your quest to obtain these beautiful gold pieces.

As always, we deal in NGC and PCGS certified coins to ensure you receive the best quality Liberty Gold Coins around. This means you can always feel confident when purchasing from us because your coins will have been checked, approved and certified by a leading grading service.

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