Gold: $1209.47 2018-11-11 07:15:07
Silver: $14.16 2018-11-11 07:15:07
Platinum: $853.67 2018-11-11 07:15:07
Palladium: $1114.67 2018-11-11 07:15:07


IN Palladium Coins

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Although rarer than gold and silver coins, palladium coins are excellent for diversifying a portfolio and offer investors an affordable way to build wealth. This is thanks to palladium coins being cheaper to purchase than other precious metals coins, including those that have been produced by some of the world’s most respected refiners, such as the United States Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, and Perth Mint. However, as palladium is such a scarce metal, palladium coins have the potential to become more valuable than their investment alternatives as time passes.

As most palladium coins are decorated with beautifully intricate images, they also attract attention from collectors. From the American Palladium Eagle to the Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf, even the most popular vintage and internationally recognized coin designs can be found on palladium coins.

Why Buy Palladium Coins?

Palladium has become very popular among precious metals investors because it’s a scarce metal that is highly sought-after for use in technology and automobile manufacturing. But that’s not all. Palladium is also used in jewelry, polyester, and electronics. Most of the palladium used comes from Russia where the government has significantly reduced the amount of palladium it exports, which has also widened the gap between supply and demand. Due to the limited supply of palladium and the rising demand, the metal’s value is climbing and investors are purchasing palladium coins in order to protect their future wealth.

As palladium tends to be overlooked by the wider investing community, palladium coins are less expensive than gold coins. This means that palladium coins can be bought at a much lower price, making them ideal for almost any budget. However, given palladiums rarity and many uses, palladium coins will not always be as reasonably priced as they are today and this is why so many investors are acting now.

Diversify Your Collection or Portfolio with Palladium Coins

Here at Capital Gold Group, we sell a wide selection of palladium coins and make the buying process simple and hassle-free. By being a premier online dealer, we’re able to assist you in purchasing not only the items we’ve talked about below but also any palladium coin you desire. For now, we’ll leave you to find out more about some of our most popular palladium items, all of which are perfect for enhancing your collection or portfolio.

American Palladium Eagle

Launched in 2017, the American Palladium Eagle Coin is the first United States coin minted in palladium, making it a must-have piece for collectors and investors. The coin is also the first to be introduced to the American Eagle program since 1997 when the platinum coin was initially released.

On the obverse side of the American Palladium Eagle Coin is a left-facing Lady Liberty wearing a Phrygian cap. The image is an adaptation of the original Adolph Weinman design that was used on the 1916 Mercury Dime. Three inscriptions surround Liberty including the minting year, as well as LIBERTY and IN GOD WE TRUST. Weinman’s initial can also be found on the coin’s obverse. The reverse depicts an eagle perched on a rock with an olive branch in his beak. He is joined by a number of engravings, such as UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, $25, 1OZ. Pd .9995 FINE and E PLURIBUS UNUM. The reverse image is also based on a classic Adolph Weinman coin design.

Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf

The Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf Coin has been struck in low mintages since 2005. It has a face value of $50 (CAD) and was also the first Palladium Coin to come from the Royal Canadian Mint. Like the American Palladium Eagle, the Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf features iconic obverse and reverse images, giving it value as not just an investment piece but also a numismatic item.

On the obverse of the Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf is Susanna Blunt’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, a profile image that has been used on all Canadian minted coins since 2003. Above Her Majesty the Queen’s head is the text ELIZABETH II with 50 DOLLARS and the year of minting below. The reverse displays the wonderfully detailed sugar maple leaf in a brilliant finish. Engravings on the reverse include CANADA above the leaf and 9995 either side of the leaf. FINE PALLADIUM and 1 OZ PALLADIUM PUR are also featured on this side of the coin.

Chinese Palladium Pandas

As one of the most recognized Chinese coin series, gold, silver, platinum, and Palladium Panda Coins have always been highly sought-after by collectors and investors across the globe. The first Chinese Palladium Panda Coins containing .999 pure palladium were struck in 1989 and are now incredibly scarce because only 3,000 pieces were made. These 1 oz. coins have a face value of 50 Yuan, with the image of Beijing’s Temple of Heaven on the obverse, and a panda eating bamboo on the reverse.

In 2004, 8,000 1/2 oz. Chinese Palladium Panda Coins consisting of .999 fine palladium and with a face value of 100 Yuan were released. The image used on the reverse is known as the “kissing pandas” because it shows a mother and her cub sharing a loving moment together. Like the 1989 coins, Beijing’s Temple of Heaven is on the obverse of all 2004 Chinese Palladium Pandas.

A year later in 2005, the Bank of China made the decision to produce a limited edition 1/2 oz. Chinese Palladium Panda Coin with a face value of 100 Yuan. Again, they were struck in .999 pure palladium but, this time, only 100 coins were released. The obverse side of the 2005 Chinese Palladium Panda depicts a mother panda eating bamboo while her cub is gazing into her eyes. Like the other two coins mentioned, the obverse features Beijing’s Temple of Heaven.

Australian Palladium Emus

The Perth Mint produced four different Australian Palladium Emu Coins between 1995 and 1998, with each coin featuring a unique flightless emu image. All four coins have a face value of $40 (AUD) and contain .9995 pure palladium.

On the obverse of all Australian Palladium Emu Coins is Queen Elizabeth II who is encircled by the inscriptions ELIZABETH II, AUSTRALIA, and 40 DOLLARS. The image used on the reverse changed with each issue and are as follows:

  • 1995 Proof Palladium Coin: Left facing emu standing in front of five freshly laid eggs
  • 1996 Bullion Palladium Coin: Left facing emu standing in front of five freshly laid eggs
  • 1996 Proof Palladium Coin: Right facing emu standing in between two chicks
  • 1997 Bullion Palladium Coin: Right facing emu standing in between two chicks
  • 1997 Proof Palladium Coin: Two right facing walking emus
  • 1998 Bullion Palladium Coin: Two right facing walking emus

The Australian Palladium Emu Coin series was suspended by the Perth Mint when the price of palladium doubled in 1998. Each coin from the series is now very rare and, although not impossible, collectors and investors find it difficult to get their hands on Australian Palladium Emu Coins.

Russian Palladium Ballerinas

Russia is the world’s largest supplier of palladium so it comes as no surprise that the country has been responsible for striking some very distinctive palladium coins. The coins in question come from the Ballerina series, a selection of 1/4 oz. and 1 oz. coins minted between 1989 and 1995. Russian Palladium Ballerinas that are composed of .999 fine palladium are considered treasured items for their exquisite beauty and intricate designs.

All Russian Palladium Ballerina Coins show the Soviet Union symbol on the reverse side, along with some inscriptions written in Cyrillic text. Each obverse image differs with each mintage year but will always be a ballerina in a classic pose. Russian Palladium Ballerina Coins were produced to honor the county’s strong connection with ballet, even though the coin series did have a very brief history. Some mintage years and designs are slightly easier to find than others, however, these coins are generally quite scarce due to being made in such limited mintages.

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