Gold: $1211.30 2018-08-11 07:27:06
Silver: $15.43 2018-08-11 07:27:06
Platinum: $838.52 2018-08-11 07:27:06
Palladium: $914.18 2018-08-11 07:27:06


in Platinum

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Platinum comes mainly from deposits in Russia and South Africa, and is set to outshine every other precious metal out there. While gold and silver are the most common precious metals to invest in, platinum is also a great portfolio diversifier. This valuable white metal is actually rarer than gold and silver, yet it’s often overlooked by many investors. Having said that, investment demand for platinum has been increasing in recent years because of growing industrial demand. Thankfully, it isn’t too late to physically own platinum in order to strengthen your wealth.

Platinum Bars

Without question, the best way to get the lowest price per ounce of platinum is to purchase bars. For peace of mind that your investments are genuine, we recommend you buy bullion bars that have been produced by renowned refiners. Here at Capital Gold Group, we offer platinum bars from some of the world’s most respected bullion brands including Engelhard, Valcambi, PAMP Suisse and Credit Suisse. If you’re thinking of included platinum bars in an IRA, you must make sure your physical assets contain at least .9995 pure platinum.

As platinum bars come in a variety of sizes, there are plenty of options to suit your investing goals. The majority of platinum bars available today will display the refiners’ logo, as well as the bars weight, purity and metal content. Although not important to all investors, some platinum bars feature interesting designs, like the Lady Fortuna Platinum Bar from PAMP Suisse. Then there are the rare finds, such as the Engelhard Platinum Bars which can now only be found on the secondary market.

Capital Gold Group is proud to stock a wide and varied selection of platinum bars for investment purposes. Of course, we offer the most popular products available and are happy to source any platinum bar that isn’t currently secured in our vault.

Platinum Coins

Platinum coins are different to bars in that they are all produced by government-operated mints. They also have a value as currency and usually show their face value. Not only do platinum coins appeal to investors but also collectors because they come in such a wide range of designs and are struck at different mints across the world. Some of the most sought after platinum coins include the American Platinum Eagle from the U.S. Mint, the Australian Platinum Kangaroo from the Perth Mint and the British Platinum Britannia from The Royal Mint in the UK.

Most platinum coins contain .9995 pure platinum, which is ideal if you want to buy coins for an investment portfolio. You should find the year in which the coin was struck displayed on the obverse or reverse of a platinum coin as well. Other markings may differ slightly for each coin but most will also show the purity, face value and an eye-catching design.

As previously mentioned, our vault contains a fine selection of physical platinum, including some of the most coveted platinum coins. If you would like to discuss how to buy a specific platinum coin, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Capital Gold Group today.

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