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IN 1804 Half Cent Crosslet

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1804 Half Cent Crosslet

1804 Half Cent Crosslet

Key Features

  • 1804 Draped Bust Half Cent design
  • Composed of 100% copper
  • Struck at the Philadelphia Mint
  • Designed by Robert Scot
  • Obverse features Liberty and the date with the crosslet 4
  • Reverse displays a simple wreath
  • Two major varieties are known

The 1804 Half Cent Crosslet is one of the most sought-after of all coins to come from the United States Mint.

There are some coins that all American and foreign collectors would love to own, and the 1804 Half Cent Crosslet is one of them. The piece comes from the Draped Bust Half Cent series and is the major but extremely rare variety coined in 1804. Most people who are lucky enough to have an 1804 Half Cent Crosslet in their possession wouldn’t dare sell it to another coin enthusiast because it’s so scarce and considered a prized item.

On the obverse of the 1804 Half Cent Crosslet is a right-facing Liberty wearing drapery around her bust. A ribbon is holding back a small portion of her curled hair, with the rest of her locks flowing down the back of her neck. Above the portrait is the inscription LIBERTY.  The most important engraving on the coin is the date 1804, where the crosslet 4 can be found.

The reverse displays a simple wreath with a bow surrounding the coin’s HALF CENT value. Below the bow is 1/200 and around the edge of the piece is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Interestingly, some 1804 Half Cent Crosslet coins feature stems on the wreath and others don’t.

1804 Half Cent Crosslet Varieties

There are two 1804 Half Cent Crosslet varieties, both of which have a crosslet 4 in the date on the obverse. When trying to identify a crosslet variety, look at the 4 in the date to see whether it features a tiny vertical bar at the end of the point furthest right. Plain 4s are also found on some 1804 Draped Bust Half Cent examples so it’s important to look carefully.

The 1804 Half Cent Crosslet is known in two different varieties including the “Crosslet 4, with Stems” and the “Crosslet 4, without Stems.” One variety shows two stems on the reverse towards the bottom of the wreath where the bow is tied. The other type is stemless, so there are no stems extruding from the wreath on the reverse. All 1804 Half Cent Crosslet varieties are scarce and desirable pieces, and the dream for many is to achieve a collection of each variety.

You Can Purchase 1804 Half Cent Crosslets from Capital Gold Group

Here at Capital Gold Group, our experts have spent many years sourcing rare coins and selling them on to collectors and investors across America. Our aim is to make it easy for our clients to acquire complete collections or any scarce coin of their choosing.

We should point out that counterfeit 1804 Half Cent Crosslets with and without stems do exist, so it’s crucial to purchase these coins from a trusted dealer that knows the difference between fake and genuine pieces. While all 1804 Half Cent Crosslet varieties are tricky to locate, we have managed to discover good to well-preserved examples and, of course, only authentic specimens time and time again.

If you have any questions or would like further advice regarding 1804 Half Cent Crosslets, please feel free to reach out to Capital Gold Group. You can also call us, send us an email or get in touch via our online message form to make a purchase.

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