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IN 1807 Half Cent

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1807 Half Cent

1807 Half Cent

Key Features

  • Draped Bust design
  • Composed of 100% copper
  • Struck at the Philadelphia Mint
  • Designed by Robert Scot
  • Obverse features Liberty with drapery by her bust
  • Reverse displays a simple wreath tied by a bow
  • One Tall 7 variety is known

Not only is the 1807 Half Cent very scarce but it’s also a historical piece that will add value to any collection or portfolio.

The 1807 Half Cent features the wonderful Draped Bust design created by Robert Scot and used on all Half Cents from 1800 to 1808. It’s also an extremely rare piece because only around 4,000 examples are known, meaning there is only a limited number of these pieces in the hands of collectors today. There is also one variety featuring a tall 7, which is highly coveted. It is believed that the tall 7 was intended for Cent coins but somehow found its way onto some of the Half Cents dated 1807.

On the obverse of the 1807 Draped Bust Half Cent is a right-facing Lady Liberty with curled hair dressed in a ribbon. She is wearing drapery around her bust, hence the name Draped Bust Half Cent. Liberty is joined by two inscriptions including LIBERTY above her head and the date 1807 below her image.

The reverse displays a simple yet elegant wreath, which is being held together by a bow that is situated above 1/200. Located in the center of the wreath is the coin’s HALF CENT value, with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA around the edge of the reverse design.

The Only 1807 Half Cent Variety

There is only one 1807 Draped Bust Half Cent variety and it is easily identifiable. Some 1807 Half Cents produced at the Philadelphia Mint, where all Draped Bust Half Cents were struck with no mintmark, have a very tall 7 in the 1807 date. Apparently, the tall 7 was meant only for some Cent coins that had been produced with the 1806 date and had to be repunched with a 7. However, the tall 7 ended up being struck on some of the Half Cent coins dated 1807 as well. This variety is considered to be rare, as are uncirculated and extremely fine 1807 specimens.

How to Purchase Valuable 1807 Half Cents

Thankfully, getting your hands on rare Draped Bust Half Cents dated 1807 can be a hassle-free experience with a little help from our coin experts. Here at Capital Gold Group, we source only genuine pieces and have helped thousands of clients across America to achieve their coin collecting and investing goals.

Whether you’re interested in 1807 Half Cents or any other rare coin, please feel free to reach out to Capital Gold Group. We’re more than happy to provide free advice on any of the pieces featured on our website, as well as any other coin that interests you. For more information about rare coins or to discuss how you can purchase items from our vault, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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