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IN Rare Quarters

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Rare Quarters


Since its inception in 1796, the Quarter has become one of the most used coins in America. Produced by the United States Mint and featuring various different designs over the years, it’s the Rare Quarters that attract the attention of coin enthusiasts everywhere. Most Rare Quarters are considered valuable additions to any collection or portfolio, but there are some coins that have been deemed extremely scarce and more valuable than others.

The majority of coin hobbyists search far and wide for Rare Quarters because they know these coins will increase in value as time passes. As many of the designs incorporate well-loved symbols of the United States, Rare Quarters are especially popular among American collectors. Having said that, these coins are sought after overseas as well.

The Most In-Demand U.S. Rare Quarters

There are many different Quarters that collectors, investors, and numismatists consider rare, however, the key is to look for the most coveted coins. Below, you can find the most in-demand Rare Quarters, all of which are worth much more than their intended value.

Liberty Seated Quarters

Struck from 1838 to 1891, Liberty Seated Quarters were designed by renowned engraver Christian Gobrecht to match the other silver coins around at the time. Depicting Liberty seated on a rock, these coins were produced in different weights and a wide variety of types throughout the series. While some issues carry large mintages, most mintages are extremely low and have resulted in Liberty Seated Quarters being much rarer than the Dimes and Halves of the same period.

Barber Quarters

After more than 50 years, the Liberty Seated Quarter was replaced with the Barber Quarter. Featuring the head of Liberty, Barber Quarters were introduced in 1892 and minted continuously until 1916. These coins are named after their designer, Charles E. Barber, one of the most famous engravers to ever work at the United States Mint. Of the three Barber coinage series’, the Barber Quarter set is the most difficult to complete.

Standing Liberty Quarters

Issued between 1916 and 1930, the Standing Liberty Quarter was designed by American sculptor Herman A. MacNeil. Although the general public loved the Standing Liberty Quarter design, the series lasted less than two decades. The series began with an incredibly low mintage of just 52,000 coins in 1916, and two different varieties were released in 1917. Mintages are relatively high throughout the rest of the series, with the exception of the 1916 coin and several other issues.

Washington Quarters

Originally released in 1932 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of George Washington, the Washington Quarter was designed by John Flanagan and meant for circulation for only one year. The design quickly became a favorite among American citizens, so the United States Mint continued to strike the 90% silver coin until 1964. After this year, silver Washington Quarters were replaced with a copper and nickel clad composition and continued to be minted this way until 1998.

50 State Quarters

In 1999, the United States Mint launched the 50 State Quarters program, a series of coins that honor each of the nation’s states. Each coin was produced only for around 10 weeks from 1999 to 2008 and will never be struck again. There are 50 designs in total, with some pieces displaying errors. 50 State Quarters with errors are rare and worth considerably more than the regular strikes. The limited-edition 50 State Quarters series is considered one of the most popular programs ever minted in America.

ATB Quarters

Otherwise known as America the Beautiful Quarters, ATB Quarters feature stunning designs of the national parks and sites found in the United States. This popular series started in 2010 and consists of 56 coins in total. The United States Mint has released five unique ATB Quarters each year and will continue to do so until the last coin is issued in 2021. Each limited-edition coin features President George Washington on the obverse and a different national site, monument or landmark on the reverse.

1853 Quarters

All Quarters struck in 1853 feature the Liberty Seated Quarter design; however, two changes were made to the coin during this year. Arrowheads were added on each side of the date on the coin’s obverse, and rays of sunlight were placed by the eagle on the reverse. These changes marked the reduction of the amount of silver used in the 1853 Liberty Seated Quarter. While the arrows remained on the coin for three years, the rays were kept on the coin for only one year, meaning the 1853 Quarter is the only issue that displays both modifications.

1876 Quarters

Struck at the United States Mint facilities in Philadelphia (no mintmark), Carson City (CC) and San Francisco (S), the 1876 Quarter is rich in varieties. Some of the coins have what’s known as the Type 1 reverse, where the letters TAT in STATES nearly touch, while others have the Type 2 reverse which displays the letters TAT clearly separated. 1876 miss-placed date (MPD) issues also exist, as do coins with re-punched dates and other rare varieties.

1854 Quarters

Displaying the Liberty Seated Quarter design, the 1854 Quarter features the arrowheads first used on the 1853 Quarter on the obverse but not the rays on the reverse. Some 1854 Quarters struck at the New Orleans Mint are called “Huge O Quarters” because the mintmark appears to be rather large. According to experts, the mintmark must have been re-worked or added to the die by hand. Roughly half the 1854 Quarters struck at the New Orleans Mint feature the “Huge O.”

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