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IN 1854 quarter

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1854 quarter

1854 quarter

Key Features

  • 1854 Liberty Seated Quarter
  • Composed of .900 fine silver
  • Designed by Christian Gobrecht
  • Rare variety featuring the “Huge O” mintmark
  • Obverse depicts Liberty on a rock
  • Reverse features an eagle with a shield

1854 Quarters are among the most popular Liberty Seated Quarters, especially those that feature the “Huge O.”

In 1853, Congress passed legislation reducing the weight of most silver coins including Quarters by around seven percent as a result of a coinage shortage. Although Congress was initially a little reluctant to reduce the amount of silver in the coins, the act worked, and coins began reappearing in circulation by 1854.

Liberty Seated Quarters of 1854 feature arrowheads on each side of the date on the obverse as a result of a design change that was put into effect in 1853. The arrows used on the 1853 and 1854 Quarters helped to distinguish coins of the new, lower weight standard. Rays of sunlight were placed on the reverse of the 1853 issues to also signify a reduction in the weight; however, they were later removed and not used on the 1854 Quarters.

By the end of 1855, it was felt that the arrows were no longer necessary, so the United States Mint removed them from all fractional coinage.

Design Features

In 1854, the Quarter was Christian Gobrecht’s Seated Liberty design, which had been modified by Robert Ball Hughes. The obverse features a left-facing Lady Liberty seated on a rock, encircled by thirteen stars. She is holding a pole with a cap, and her right hand is resting on a shield inscribed LIBERTY. The mintage year 1854 is below the figure and the arrowheads are displayed on each side of the date.

On the reverse is an American eagle, facing left. The bird has a shield on its breast, with an olive branch in one claw and three arrows in the other. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and QUAR. DOL. are also shown on the reverse as well.

1854 Quarters with arrows were struck at two mints including Philadelphia (no mintmark) and New Orleans (O). The majority of 1854 Quarters were made at the Philadelphia Mint, where 12,380,000 pieces were produced. New Orleans struck 1,484,000 coins, some of which feature the “Huge O.”

1854-O Huge O Quarters

All 1854 Quarters considered “Huge O” coins have a thicker and bloated New Orleans O mintmark on the reverse. Not all 1854 Quarters were struck with the larger O, and it is believed that the certified population of the coin is around half of the 1854 Quarters struck at the New Orleans Mint. Experts believe that the mintmark would have been re-worked or added to the die by hand.

This unusual variety is the rarest in the series, especially in mint state. As a result, the 1854-O Huge O Quarter is an extremely sought after coin that commands a substantial premium.

Purchase 1854 Quarters from Capital Gold Group

As explained above, 1854 Quarters can be found in two major varieties, with the unusual 1854-O Huge O Quarter being the most elusive. Many coin hobbyists and investors prefer to obtain both varieties but often struggle to find the very scarce Huge O.

If you’ve decided that now is the time to add an 1854 Quarter to your collection, Capital Gold Group can make it a reality. Whether it is a regular 1854 Quarter or an 1854-O Huge O Quarter, you can always rely on us to provide you with your most desired coins.

Please feel free to call us with your questions or to discuss placing an order. Alternatively, you can head on over to our Contact page and send us a message via our online form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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