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IN Liberty Seated Quarters

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Liberty Seated Quarters

Liberty Seated Quarters

Key Features

  • Contain 0.1808 oz of .900 fine silver
  • Struck from 1838 to 1891
  • Designed by Christian Gobrecht
  • Obverse depicts Liberty on a rock
  • Reverse features an eagle with a shield

Produced from 1838 to 1891, the Liberty Seated Quarter is an interesting series that is rich in sought after varieties

Created by renowned engraver Christian Gobrecht, Liberty Seated Quarters replaced the Capped Bust design and were struck at four United States Mint facilities including Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco and Carson City. Gobrecht’s Liberty design was not only used on the Liberty Seated Quarter but also on the Half Dime, Dime, Half Dollar and Dollar Coin.

First issued in 1838, the Liberty Seated Quarter’s obverse depicts Lady Liberty seated on a rock, facing left. Her left hand is holding a pole with a cap atop it, with her right hand resting on a shield inscribed LIBERTY. She is surrounded by thirteen stars and is accompanied by the year of minting below. On the reverse is an eagle with a shield on its breast, as well as the engravings UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and QUAR. DOL. Facing left, the bird is holding three arrows and an olive branch.

Countless Liberty Seated Dollar varieties were produced over the years including the “No Motto” and “Arrows and Rays” types. Ending in 1891, the entire series lasted more than five decades and boasts several rare and valuable dates.

Key Liberty Seated Quarter Varieties

The 1838 and 1839 Liberty Seated Dollars were struck at the Philadelphia Mint and are often referred to as the “No Drapery” issues. Some No Drapery coins were also produced at the New Orleans Mint in 1840. These coins are the only pieces in the series that do not show a fold of drapery by Lady Liberty’s elbow on the obverse. This particular Liberty Seated Quarter variety is scarce and extremely rare in mint state.

In 1853, the United States Mint changed the weight of the Liberty Seated Quarter, along with the other silver coin denominations. To mark the change, arrowheads were added on each side of the date on the coin’s obverse. This wasn’t the only design change though. Sun rays were added to the reverse behind the eagle. Liberty Seated Quarters with both arrowheads and rays were struck at the Philadelphia Mint and the New Orleans Mint. The rays were featured on the reverse for only one year and removed in 1854, but the arrowheads remained on the obverse throughout 1854 and 1855.

After Congress instructed the U.S. Mint to add the motto IN GOD WE TRUST to all suitably sized American coinage in 1865, the phrase was included on the Liberty Seated Quarter in 1866. The motto was inscribed on a scroll above the eagle’s head on the coin’s reverse and remained in that location until the end of the series in 1891.

The last major design change happened in 1873 when arrows were once again placed on each side of the date on the obverse of the Liberty Seated Quarter. All coins struck in 1874 also featured the arrowheads, meaning this particular variety only lasted for two years.

Rare Liberty Seated Quarter Dates

Featuring both arrowheads and rays, the 1853 Liberty Seated Quarter is one of the rarest dates from the series. Much fewer pieces displaying both design changes were struck at New Orleans (O) than Philadelphia (no mintmark), and only 44,200 coins were minted in 1853 without the arrows and rays. The 1854-O is also a key date and can be found in two varieties, with the most popular being the “Huge O” type, which shows a much larger O mintmark. Other rare issues include the 1873-CC, 1842, 1842-O, 1849-O and 1852-O issues, as well as the pieces minted in 1876.

Is the Liberty Seated Quarter on Your Wish List?

If so, you’ll be pleased to know that you can purchase Liberty Seated Quarters from Capital Gold Group. While every Liberty Seated Quarter variety is a worthy contender for your collection or portfolio, rare pieces in excellent condition are the most valuable of them all. We also understand that the rarity and condition of a coin means a lot to our clients, and is why we work hard to hunt down the best specimens available.

When it comes to buying Liberty Seated Quarters, now is the best time to invest. With each year that passes, these coins are becoming increasingly sought after and, as a result, more and more difficult to find. The plus side to this is that your Liberty Seated Quarters will rise in value in the future, but you need to act fast if you want to purchase these coins at a reasonable price.

For further advice or more information about placing an order, please feel free to reach out to Capital Gold Group. Simply head on over to our Contact page for the easiest ways to connect with our friendly team of rare coin specialists.

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