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In Shipped Wreck Coins

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Shipped Wreck Coins

Coins recovered from sunken shipwrecks are among some of the most valuable and intriguing lost treasures in history.

Gold and silver coins from sunken treasure ships are wonderful pieces of history that appeal to most collectors around the globe. While there are many different exciting coins out there in the world today, coins that were once lost at sea are among the most fascinating discoveries that offer us a connection to times gone by. Some Gold Shipped Wreck Coins and Silver Shipped Wreck Coins are also great investments that can bring measurable value to a portfolio.

Fortunately, many Shipped Wreck Coin seekers have recovered examples that have retained their original details and designs. Having said that, even worn specimens are popular, especially the never-before- offered sunken treasure coins. However, gold and silver coins salvaged from shipwrecks tend to hold their value best when they are well intact and come from famous wrecks.

Remarkable Pieces of History

Often referred to as sunken treasures, Gold Shipped Wreck Coins and Silver Shipped Wreck Coins are pieces that have been recovered from shipwrecks. The majority of Shipped Wreck Coins hail from Spanish galleons, warships and merchant vessels that were lost at sea as a result of pirate attacks, destructive storms or acts of war. Over the years, Shipped Wreck Coins have been recovered from some of the world’s most famous wrecks such as the Atocha, S. S. Central America, 1715 Treasure Fleet, Santa Margarita and S. S. Brother Jonathan to name just a handful.

The Stories Behind Some of the Most Desirable Shipped Wrecked Coins

One of the most appealing factors of Shipped Wreck Coins is their fascinating stories, all of which conjure up images of adventure and discovery. Here we explore just a small selection of the most desirable Shipped Wreck Coins and the legends behind them.

Atocha Coins

atocha-coinsOn September 4 th , 1622, the Spanish galleon Atocha and its sister vessels including Santa Margarita set off from Havana, Cuba. The vessel was loaded with a large cargo of gold and silver coins, along with many other riches. When the convoy entered the Florida Straits less than two days later, a fierce hurricane passed over the fleet of ships that were making their way to Spain. Unfortunately, the bad weather conditions led both the Atocha and Margarita to sink, taking hundreds of people with them. Only five people survived from the Atocha including a sailor and two slaves.

In 1985, American treasure hunter Mel Fisher discovered a portion of the riches on board Atocha near the Florida Keys. It is believed that the haul was worth around $400 million. Fisher spent 16 years looking for Gold Shipped Wreck Coins and treasures from the vessel and previously recovered portions of the wrecked cargo from Santa Margarita in 1980. The majority of these gold and silver Atocha Shipped Wreck Coins were minted between 1598 and 1621, but some coins were produced even earlier, with dates extending well back into the 16th century.

S. S. Central America Coins

SS Central America CoinsCommonly referred to as the Ship of Gold, the S. S. Central America was a side-wheel steamer that operated between Central America and the eastern coast of the U.S. during the 1850s. In August 1857, the vessel, its passengers and its large cargo of gold coins, nuggets and ingots left San Francisco for New York. On its journey, the S. S. Central America met up with a Category 2 hurricane which, after three long days, caused the vessel to sink to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. This shipwreck shook public confidence in the economy and triggered the panic of 1857.

On September 11, 1988, the ship was located along with more than a million dollars’ worth of gold coins and bars. Among the Gold Shipped Wreck Coins was a chest of $20 Liberty Gold Coins dated 1857, all of which were minted at the San Francisco Mint.

1715 Shipwreck Fleet Coins

1715 Shipwreck Fleet CoinsOtherwise known as the 1715 Plate Fleet, the 1715 Treasure Fleet was a Spanish fleet that transported gold and silver coins from the New World to Spain. On July 31, 1715, eleven of the twelve ships were hit by a devastating Atlantic Ocean hurricane, leading all eleven vessels to sink. A small number of sailors survived but the majority were lost with the ship which sank near present-day Vero Beach, Florida. Shortly after the horrific incident, many vessels and pirates searched for the lost treasure at the bottom of the sea.

It wasn’t until the 1960s when treasure hunter Kip Wagner discovered a collection of 1715 Shipwreck Fleet Coins. Then, in July 2015, a Florida-based shipwreck discovery company by the name of Queens Jewels LLC found more than 200 gold coins in only six feet of water a hundred feet from the shore in Vero Beach. Ranging in denominations and dating between 1692 and 1915, the gold coins recovered by Queens Jewels LLC were produced during the reigns of Spanish kings Charles II and Philip V.

S. S. Brother Jonathan Coins

Brother Johnatan coinsPaddle steamer, S. S. Brother Jonathan set sail from San Francisco to Portland in July 1865 carrying around 250 passengers and crew, as well as a large shipment of gold coins and bars. During its voyage, the ship ran into a heavy storm which led most of those on board to become seasick, confining them to their cabins. Just a few hours after its departure from San Francisco, Brother Jonathan faced even more stormy conditions, so the captain decided to turn the ship around in an attempt to reach the harbour of Crescent City. Less than an hour later, the vessel began to sink after it struck a rock which tore a large hole in the hull.

Although the captain ordered his crew and passengers to escape the vessel, just three of the lifeboats could be deployed. Only a single surf boat holding 19 people made it to Crescent City, even though the paddle steamer sank just 8 miles away. In 1996, Gold Shipped Wreck Coins from Brother Jonathan were recovered including $20 Double Eagles and other coins in near-mint condition. However, the ship’s safe containing millions of dollars’ worth of gold coins, together with jewels and gold bars is still to be discovered.

We Can Help You Purchase Genuine Sunken Treasures

If you’re serious about collecting or investing in Gold Shipped Wreck Coins and Silver Shipped Wreck Coins, it’s important to purchase specimens that come with a certificate of authenticity. Certified and authenticated Shipped Wreck Coins offer peace of mind that your coins are genuine and help to ensure your pieces increase in value over time.

As you’re probably aware, the condition of a Shipped Wreck Coin will influence how much you must pay to own it. This means the higher the grade of the coin, the higher the price tag. If your budget can’t stretch to a more highly graded coin, plenty of lower grades can be found as well.

Here at Capital Gold Group, we specialise in rare Gold and Silver Shipped Wreck Coins that have been certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) or Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). Whether you’re interested in the coins we’ve mentioned above or any other Shipped Wreck Coins, you can rely on us to locate specific sunken treasures for your portfolio or collection.

Simply call us, use our live chat service or send us a message via our Contact page to find out how you can get your hands on authentic Shipped Wreck Coins.

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