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IN 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

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1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

1921 silver dollar

Key Features

  • Contains .7734 troy oz of .900 fine silver
  • Produced by the United States Mint
  • Face value of $1 (USD)
  • Designed by George T. Morgan
  • Obverse features Lady Liberty wearing a Phrygian cap
  • Reverse displays an American eagle

Featuring George T. Morgan’s famous designs, the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar is the only coin from the series that was struck at the Denver Mint.

The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar was the last issue of the coveted Morgan Dollar program and was struck after an eighteen-year series gap. Initially produced in 1878, the Morgan Dollar is named after its British-born designer, George T. Morgan and was minted every year until 1904. The United States Mint was forced to stop production because it had exhausted its silver reserves and was unable to strike the coin again until 1921.

On the obverse of the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar is Lady Liberty, facing left. She is wearing a Phrygian cap made of wheat and cotton blossom, as well as a ribbon inscribed LIBERTY. Her head is surrounded by thirteen stars representing the original colonies, along with the engravings E PLURIBUS UNUM and 1921.

An American eagle above a laurel wreath is displayed on the reverse, with its head facing left. The bird has outstretched wings and is holding an olive branch and arrows in its talons. There are also three inscriptions on the coin including in God we trust between the eagle’s wings, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA encircling the bird and ONE DOLLAR below the wreath of laurel.

Morgan Silver Dollar History

Morgan Dollars were originally authorized under the Bland-Allison Act of 1873, which required the Treasury to purchase millions of dollars’ worth of silver and coin the precious metal into dollars. Between 1873 and 1904, the mints of Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco and Carson City struck a staggering number of Morgan Silver Dollars. However, by 1904, production was shut down when the silver reserves became empty.

In April 1918, the Pitman Act was passed, authorizing the United States Mint to melt around 350,000,000 silver dollars. The reason for this was to enable the Mint to supply Great Britain with silver during World War I. After selling the majority of its silver to the United Kingdom, the U.S. Mint started to replace the melted coins, another requirement authorized by the Pitman Act. Morgan Silver Dollars went back on the production lines in 1921 and were replaced by the Peace Dollar later that year.

The Final Year of Production in 1921

As stated earlier, the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar was the last year of the Morgan Silver Dollar series after a very long pause in production. Since the original dies had been destroyed, assistant engraver and Morgan Dollar designer George T. Morgan had to make new ones for the 1921 coins. Morgan was only given a small amount of time to create the dies so that the Mint could produce the coins as quickly as possible. This resulted in noticeable, less attractive differences to the 1921 coins.

1921 Morgan Silver Dollars were struck at three different mints including Philadelphia (no mintmark), San Francisco (S) and Denver (D). The Denver Mint stuck Morgan Silver Dollars only during this year. Over 80 million coins were minted in 1921 across the three facilities. San Francisco and Denver mintmarks are located on the reverse just above the ONE DOLLAR inscription.

Add the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar to Your Collection

While every issue from the Morgan Dollar series is highly coveted, the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar is an especially treasured coin. As well as being the final year for the Morgan Dollar, 1921 was also the only year when the coins were produced at the Denver Mint. What’s more, new dies were used to strike 1921 Morgan Silver Dollars, giving these coins a unique edge over the earlier issues.

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