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in Silver Bars

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Silver Bars


For thousands of years, silver has been a sought-after precious metal as it has an incredible ability to store value. Many people across the globe choose to buy silver bars to build and preserve their long-term wealth and diversify their investment portfolio. However, it’s important to have an understanding of the various sizes and purities available, as well as the best silver bar manufacturers in order to make sensible buying decisions.

Silver bars range in size from 1 oz. to 1,000 oz., with most investors opting for bars between 1 oz. and 100 oz. This is mainly because the larger silver bars are more expensive and difficult to handle and store compared with smaller versions. When it comes to the reputable silver bar brands, there are many great names to choose from that offer .999 fine silver bullion products.

Why Buy Silver Bars?

Like gold, silver can act as a hedge against inflation and retain its purchasing power over long periods of time. A lot of silver is also used in jewelry, collectables, technologies, and other devices but it is less economical to recycle than gold. As less silver is recycled and demand continues to increase, the flow supply of silver will eventually fall, making silver bars reliable investment options.

The price of silver bars shouldn’t be overlooked either. Most silver bars are affordable including the most superior types containing .999 pure silver. Also, silver can move more rapidly than gold and its price is historically more volatile. Some industry experts even believe that silver could outperform gold in the future.

Investment-Grade Silver Bars

At Capital Gold Group, we specialize in sourcing silver bars in varying sizes that have been produced by respected refiners and mints. Below, you can find information on the some of the most wanted Silver Bars to come from these popular producers.

Johnson Matthey Silver Bars

Not only are Johnson Matthey Silver Bars highly collectable but they’re also renowned for fetching more than the value of their silver content. This is mainly due to the fact that Johnson Matthey Silver Bars are no longer being produced because the company was sold to Asahi Holdings in 2015. All later Johnson Matthey Silver Bars do not come with a unique serial number but this doesn’t make them less valuable. If you do purchase one with a serial number, it will be an earlier bar that would have been produced many years ago.

Some of the earlier Johnson Matthey Silver Bars and those that were struck in the 1980s will also look different to the later 1 oz., 10 oz. and 100 oz. bars. They are still made of .999 fine silver but are poured (cast) rather than struck, and are now treasured by their owners.

Scottsdale Tombstone Silver Nugget Bars

Produced by the private Scottsdale Mint in Arizona, Scottsdale Tombstone Silver Nugget Bars have a dimpled finish to resemble a real nugget of silver. Engravings include the .999 fine silver purity, metal content and weight, as well as the Scottsdale Mint seal. All Scottsdale Tombstone Silver Nugget Bars have been hand-poured; enabling the Mint to achieve each bar’s dimpled features.

The Scottsdale Mint takes pride in being an environmentally responsible facility where most of its silver bullion is obtained from recycled materials.

SilverTowne Poured Silver Bars

Although SilverTowne Poured Silver Bars are still being produced today, their appearance could make you believe otherwise. By being hand-poured bars, they boast absolutely beautiful raw features and are very desirable to investors and collectors. All SilverTowne Poured Silver Bars go through a physically manual process, making each one unique. The SilverTowne Mint’s craftsmen will melt .999 fine silver, pour it into a graphite mold, cool the bar, and finally hand stamp the SilverTowne logo, weight and finesse.

Based in Indiana, the SilverTowne Mint has produced silver bullion since 1949 and has earned a reputation for delivering quality products throughout its history.

1 oz. Silver Bars

Silver bars that contain 1 oz. of .999 pure silver are extremely popular among investors because these smaller bars enable them to add variety to their portfolio. Many investors will own multiple 1 oz. Silver Bars and will have different reasons for doing so. When the price of silver is high, they will sell off only a portion of their silver assets and hold onto the rest until another opportunity comes along. In addition to this, 1 oz. Silver Bars are portable and very easy to store.

1 oz. Silver Bars are also more affordable than larger bars, making them suitable for all investors including those with a very limited budget. First-time investors are particularly drawn to 1 oz. Silver Bars and anyone not wishing to fill their portfolio with larger bars.

Asahi Silver Bars

Boasting over 60 years’ industry experience, Asahi Refining is dedicated to offering nothing less than perfect silver bars. Formed after Asahi Holdings bought the famous John Matthey business, Asahi Refining is one of the newest players in the market. All Asahi Silver Bars come with distinctive markings, such as the refinery’s name, metal content and purity, along with the weight and a serial number. These bars also feature brilliant finishes and raised edges to further enhance their overall design.

Many Asahi Silver Bars have a similar appearance to Johnson Matthey Silver Bars but you can also invest in cast bars from Asahi Refining, all of which are carefully weighed to guarantee both their purity and weight.

Geiger Silver Bars

Minted at the famous Geiger Edelmetalle Mint in Germany, Geiger Silver Bars have been created with innovative security features for protection against manipulation and counterfeiting. These special features include a ribbed edge, textured reverse side, pearl surface, and security label. Every Geiger Silver Bar made from 2013 has been enhanced with a UV reflecting varnish that reveals the year of minting and LEV rhombus when the bar is held under a UV light.

Geiger Silver Bars are also made with .999 fine silver and feature an image of Schloss Guldengossa, a Baroque castle situated near the German city of Leipzig. Beautiful and unique, these bars are becoming increasingly popular for their stunning finishes and advanced security features.

RMC Silver Bars

Boasting a purity of .999 fine silver, RMC Silver Bars are favored for their quality and will make excellent additions to any investment portfolio. Otherwise known as Republic Metals Corporation, RMC is based in Florida and has refineries on not only the East Coast and West Coast but also internationally. All new RMC Silver Bars have a rounded edge and are stamped with the company logo, weight and purity.

RMC is well-known in the industry for producing high-quality bullion products that have visual appeal. The company is also LBMA-approved and respected for its environmentally-sound practices and “Green Refining Technology.”

Sunshine Silver Bars

Sunshine Silver Bars begin their life at the Sunshine Minting, Inc. in Idaho before making their way into the hands of keen investors. Featuring an intricate Eagle design and markings that highlight the .999 fine silver purity and weight, it’s no wonder these bars never fail to disappoint their owners. Each silver bar also has the exclusive Mint Mark SI mark that is only visible with the use of a special decoding lens.

The celebrated Sunshine Minting, Inc. has been producing exceptional bullion products since 1979 and is trusted to supply precious metal items to U.S. Government Mints and financial institutions across the world.

2 oz. Silver Bars

Many of the most notable silver bar producers manufacture 2 oz. Silver Bars, from Atlantis Mint and Monarch Precious Metals to Element Mint and Johnson Matthey. As you’re presented with various mint options, you can also choose between many 2 oz. Silver Bar designs including simple solutions and unusual patterns. Like with 1 oz. Silver Bars, 2 oz. versions are easy to store and can be purchased even with limited funds.

As long as you invest in 2 oz. Silver Bars with a .999 fine silver purity, you can have peace of mind that you’ve made a sound investment. We also recommend purchasing silver bars that been hallmark-stamped by the producer and show the silver content.

3 oz. Silver Bars

3 oz. Silver Bars are available in a wide variety of shapes and designs, and you can even invest in hand-poured pieces. From anniversary 3 oz. Silver Bars from specific mint’s to skull and mummy shaped bars, there is something appealing out there for every silver bullion enthusiast. The hand-poured 3 oz. Silver Bars are often snapped up fast as they offer one-of-a-kind details.

Regardless of shape and design, 3 oz. Silver Bars are easy to buy, store and stack. Again, you should only look for silver bars that contain a minimum of .999 fine silver as they will hold you in good financial stead when added to your portfolio.

5 oz. Silver Bars

Suitable for investors looking to accumulate a large amount of silver, 5 oz. Silver Bars are available from various leading bullion brands. As they fall right in the middle of the most popular sizes, 5 oz. Silver Bars are much in demand and remain very affordable. However, they are not always easy to spot on the market as many dealers tend not to stock them.

Most investors will favor some brands over others, such as SilverTowne for example, but each brand’s bar will be as good as the next as long as it contains .999 pure silver. By being a middle-size silver bar, you can also easily store these 5 oz. pieces and sell them on if and when the need arises.

10 oz. Silver Bars

Silver bars that are 10 oz. and contain .999 fine silver are more appealing to most investors because they are bigger, yet still manageable and easy to store in the home. As a result of being so popular, most mints happily offer 10 oz. Silver Bars. When owning such bars, you can quickly build up your retirement fund or sell them on without putting a huge hole in your investments.

Whether you prefer to collect 10 oz. Silver Bars from different producers or like to stick with brand-specific silver products, you have the opportunity to do as you wish. They’re also reasonably priced, which means you don’t need a big budget to place them in your portfolio.

A-Mark Silver Bars

Based in California, A-Mark was established in 1965 and is now the official supplier of precious metals products for the U.S. Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Pert Mint, and South African Mint. The company is well-known for producing A-Mark Silver Bars of the highest quality, all of which are engraved with a .999 fine silver purity mark, mint mark and weight stamp.

We should also mention that there are various A-Mark Silver Bar designs in existence. In the 1980s, A-Mark produced stackable bars that feature different designs than those being created today. As these 1980s bars are no longer minted, they have become increasingly rare and highly collectable.

Engelhard Silver Bars

Boasting a reputation that is second to none and a name synonymous with quality, Engelhard is up there with the very best silver bullion producers. However, Engelhard Silver Bars have been out of production for many years now, making them firm favorites among investors. These silver bars also carry higher premiums than other bars of the same purity and weight because they are no longer being made and are highly sought after.

As various Engelhard Silver Bar designs were produced over the years and are becoming scarce, many collectors are also attracted to these bars. Thanks to their popularity and rare nature, premiums for Engelhard Silver Bars of all sizes could actually increase over time.

100 oz. Silver Bars

From Geiger, Asahi and Johnson Matthey to Silvertowne and Engelhard, many of the most respected mints across the world make 100 oz. Silver Bars with a .999 fine silver purity. In fact, 100 oz. Silver Bars are among the most commonly traded bullion products, which means they’ll make an excellent addition to any collection or investment portfolio.

100 oz. Silver Bars are also a convenient and cost-effective way to hold silver and are far easier to handle than bars of a larger size. If your goal is to gather a large amount of silver as inexpensively as possible, then 100 oz. Silver Bars are a sensible choice.

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