Gold: $1209.47 2018-11-10 13:46:03
Silver: $14.16 2018-11-10 13:46:03
Platinum: $855.66 2018-11-10 13:46:03
Palladium: $1116.69 2018-11-10 13:46:03


IN A-Mark Silver Bar

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A-Mark Silver Bar

A-Mark Silver Bar

Key Features

  • Contains .999 pure silver
  • Manufactured by A-Mark in the United States
  • Straightforward and clean design
  • Stamped with A-Mark logo, purity and weight
  • Eligible for Precious Metals IRAs

Produced by one of the world’s most trusted precious metals trading brands, A-Mark Silver Bars offer investors quality and peace of mind.

With nearly 50 years’ experience in the precious metals world, it comes as no surprise that investors feel extremely comfortable about purchasing silver bars manufactured by A-Mark. Based in California, the company is greatly celebrated for producing high-quality A-Mark Silver Bars containing .999 fine silver.

The obverse side of each A-Mark Silver Bar is stamped with the mint mark, weight and .999 pure silver purity. On the reverse is a repeating design of the metal content, weight and purity, along with the brand name. You can also collect or invest in vintage A-Mark Silver Bars, some of which date back to the 1980s and feature different designs to those being created today.

All A-Mark Silver Bars are competitively priced compared to other silver bullion brands and boast a straightforward and clean design.

A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc.

Established in 1965, A-Mark is well-known for selling and trading precious metals, as well as offering a range of branded A-Mark Silver Bars. It was Steven C. Markoff who founded the brand, originally focusing his efforts on trading rare coins. Some years later, Markoff decided to start trading and sourcing gold and silver from the U.S. Government and became the first in America to import gold from other countries.

As the value of silver started to rise during the 1970s and 1980s, A-Mark became the go-to dealer for various pieces of silver. The brand went on to be an authorized purchaser for the U.S. Mint and an official distributor for various national mints, such as the South African Mint, the Perth Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint. Now one of the most important and leading precious metals companies in North America, A-Mark’s clients include investors, collectors, jewelers and central banks to name just a few.

Get Great Value from one of the World’s Most Recognized Bullion Names

When buying A-Mark Silver Bars, you can be confident that you’re not only going to own investment-grade products but also silver bullion that is linked to a company with a world-class reputation. As a result, you can rest assured that your A-Mark Silver Bars will retain their value over time and be easy to sell if you ever decide to do such a thing.

These bars are continually being bought by both novice and seasoned silver investors wishing to grow their stack and build wealth both now and in the future. Like many A-Mark precious metal products, A-Mark Silver Bars are also IRA-eligible and perfect for upgrading your retirement savings.

If you’d like to purchase vintage or modern A-Mark Silver Bars, simply contact Capital Gold Group with your order requests. We also welcome you to get in touch for more information about any of our featured silver bars.

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