Gold: $1209.47 2018-11-10 12:12:06
Silver: $14.19 2018-11-10 12:12:06
Platinum: $857.53 2018-11-10 12:12:06
Palladium: $1118.96 2018-11-10 12:12:06


IN Asahi Silver Bar

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Asahi Silver Bar

Asahi Silver Bar

Key Features

  • Contains .999 fine silver
  • Guaranteed by Asahi
  • Obverse displays Asahi logo, purity, weight and serial number
  • Reverse features a repeating Asahi logo design
  • Eligible for Precious Metals IRAs

Ranging from 1 oz. to 1000 oz., Asahi Silver Bars are produced by a leading precious metals refiner with an interesting history.

Manufactured by Asahi Refining, Asahi Silver Bars are highly sought after for their refined designs and stand-out finishes. Asahi Refining actually produces both minted and cast bars, giving you a choice of distinctive bars in different weights for your portfolio or collection.

Each minted Asahi Silver Bar features the Asahi Refining logo, the mint name, its metal content and purity, along with the weight and an individual serial number on the obverse. The reverse side of an Asahi Silver Bar displays a repeating design of the Asahi logo. Regardless of size, these bars have raised edges to further enhance their striking finish.

Cast Asahi Silver Bars are distinctively different to the minted versions. Most new cast bars feature the words ASSAYERS REFINERS and ASAHI SLC, as well as the weight, purity and the assayer’s mark. There are other cast bar designs from Asahi Refining out there as well. We should also point out that there are no markings on the reverse side of these bars.

Johnson Matthey Purchased by Asahi Holdings in 2015

Formed in the United Kingdom nearly 200 years ago, Johnson Matthey was once the official assayer and refiner to the bank of England and responsible for manufacturing some of the most desired gold and silver bars ever made. As the years passed, the company went on to set the standard in the refining industry and opened various other branches around the world.

In 2015, and after producing gold and silver bullion bars for 162 years, Johnson Matthey sold its plant in Salt Lake, Utah and refining business in Brampton, Canada to Asahi Holdings for around $186 million USD. This purchase led to the formation of the operational Asahi Refining name and helped the brand extend its business to processing primary material from North American gold mines.

Asahi Refining quickly started producing 100 oz. Silver Bars, which looked identical to the previous Johnson Matthey offerings. Today, Asahi offers not only larger weight bars but also the most popular bar sizes among investors and collectors.

Asahi Refining

Established in Japan in 1952, Asahi Holdings has always been involved with precious metal sales and recycling throughout its history. However, it wasn’t until Asahi Holdings agreed to buy Johnson Matthey in 2014 that Asahi Refining was born. The company’s subsidiary, Asahi Refining boasts 60 years’ precious metals industry experience and is now responsible for producing some of the finest silver bullion products on the market. With refineries in various countries including America, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and Chile, Asahi Refining is an LBMA Good Delivery certified refiner well-known for manufacturing silver bars containing .999 pure silver.

Purchase Investment-Grade Asahi Silver Bars Today

Many investors are attracted to Asahi Silver Bars because of their connection to one of the biggest precious metal companies in the world, Johnson Matthey. Investors respect the Johnson Matthey brand and know the company would not have sold its plants to just anyone. Don’t get us wrong though, Asahi Refining has, without question, built an excellent reputation all by itself.

Asahi Refining offers you plenty of portfolio options including minted and cast bars with either a rustic or polished finish. The refinery also really understands what silver bullion buyers want and goes to great lengths to keep its products affordable. Plus, all Asahi Silver Bars are easily stored and stacked, making them ideal for every type of investor or hoarder.

As Capital Gold Group specializes in sourcing the highest quality silver bullion, we make it easy for you to own Asahi Silver Bars. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a 1 oz. Silver Bar, 1000 oz. Cast Bar or any other offering from Asahi Refining, please feel free to contact us for further information.

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