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IN Engelhard Silver Bars

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Engelhard Silver Bar

Engelhard Silver Bar

Key Features

  • Contains .999 fine silver
  • Produced by Engelhard (no longer in production)
  • Only available on the secondary market
  • Individual serial number to protect investment
  • Obverse features Engelhard logo, weight and purity

Since Engelhard Silver Bars are no longer being produced, they have become extremely sought after by investors and bullion enthusiasts.

Manufactured by one of the world’s most highly respected mints, Engelhard Silver Bars of any size are always a hot topic. They also tend to carry slightly higher premiums than bars of the same weight and .999 fine silver purity because they have been out of production for many years.

As Engelhard produced a range of silver bullion bars in varying designs and sizes, you can collect or invest in many interesting pieces. For example, you can find minted bars with an obverse that features the mint logo and the inscription ENGELHARD, as well as the bar’s weight, purity and a serial number. The reverse of each minted bar has been stamped with a repeating ENGELHARD pattern. There’s also the hand poured Engelhard Silver Bars with similar yet plainer characteristics, all of which are considered collector’s items.

We should point out that Engelhard Silver Bars are becoming scarce, especially the hand poured versions and those in like-new condition.

Iconic American Silver Bullion Brand

Founded by Charles Engelhard in 1902, Engelhard originally specialized in refining platinum for both the jewelry and dental industry. In the following years, Engelhard expanded into mineral and chemical manufacturing and became the world’s largest precious metals refinery. The company was based in Newark, New Jersey and went on to develop the first production catalytic converter, as well as invent liquid gold.

As silver bullion grew in popularity during the 1970s, Engelhard started minting 1 oz., 10 oz., and 100 oz. silver bars. However, by the 1980s people became less interested in investing in silver bars, and Engelhard stopped producing them altogether. Eventually, in 2006, Engelhard retired from the precious metals industry and was purchased by the German company, BASF.

Still Attracting Novice and Seasoned Buyers Today

Despite the fact that Engelhard Silver Bars have not been created since the 1980s, they continually remain must-have pieces. It’s actually quite impressive to think that the now non-existent Engelhard is still one of the most recognized and trusted names in the industry for producing silver bars containing .999 pure silver and various other silver and gold products.

The hand-poured bars are particularly sought after among investors and collectors, but you need to be aware that the minted versions don’t hang around for long either. Obviously, Engelhard Silver Bars can only be found on the secondary market, and we’re seeing fewer examples appearing as the years go by. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t get your hands on an Engelhard Silver Bar for yourself, though. Premiums will be higher than bars of the same weights being produced by other brands, but spending a little more now could really pay off in the future.

Let Us Help You Purchase Rare Engelhard Silver Bars

Investing in Engelhard Silver Bars is always a smart decision, especially as they have been created by one of the world’s finest mints to ever exist. As these bars also come in three popular sizes including 1 oz., 10 oz., and 100 oz., you should be able to own one of these treasured bars without going over your budget. You’ll also be pleased to learn that you don’t need to search far and wide to acquire Engelhard Silver Bars.

Capital Gold Group can take the hassle out of finding you a minted or hand-poured Engelhard Silver Bar in any of the three available weights for your collection, portfolio or Individual Retirement Account (IRA). We can also source some of the rarer bars, such as those in pristine condition with their original assay certificate.

Whether you require further information, would like to place an order or are looking for a specific Engelhard Silver Bar, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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