Gold: $1209.47 2018-11-11 07:54:02
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Platinum: $853.67 2018-11-11 07:54:02
Palladium: $1114.67 2018-11-11 07:54:02


IN SilverTowne Poured Silver Bar

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SilverTowne Poured Silver Bar

SilverTowne Poured Silver Bar

Key Features

  • Contains .999 fine silver
  • Produced at the SilverTowne Mint in Indiana
  • Displays raw and unique characteristics
  • Obverse features SilverTowne logo, weight and purity
  • Reverse is blank
  • Eligible Precious Metals IRAs

Popular for their raw beauty, SilverTowne Poured Silver Bars are manufactured by one of America’s most highly respected mints.

SilverTowne Poured Silver Bars have been capturing the interest of investors and collectors for many years, and especially those who prefer their bullion to have a more classical appearance. Situated in Indiana, the SilverTowne Mint puts each bar through a physically manual process to create nostalgic pieces with a non-uniform look.

On the obverse of each SilverTowne Poured Silver Bar is the SilverTowne Mint logo, which features a pickaxe in place of the letter T. The weight and .999 fine silver purity are also displayed on the obverse below the attractive logo. There isn’t anything engraved on the reverse as it has been kept blank to show off the traditional craftsmanship that goes into making each of these bars.

In addition to the bars just described, the SilverTowne Mint hand pours silver bars that feature the same SilverTowne logo, weight and purity, as well as the engraving of a donkey being led by a miner holding a pickaxe over his shoulder. This donkey with miner image is also a SilverTowne Mint logo.

Hand Poured Craftsmanship

As casting silver bars is a labor-intensive process, there aren’t many mints that currently offer hand poured bullion products. Although it takes the SilverTowne Mint more time to produce its hand-poured items than its machine stamped bullion, the company is still dedicated to giving collectors and investors rustic bars with their own unique characteristics.

SilverTowne’s craftsmen start the physically demanding process by heating a shot of .999 fine silver up to 2000 degrees. The shot of red-hot silver is then hand-poured into an appropriately sized graphite mold and left to cool. Once the silver has reached a temperature between 1300 and 1500 degrees, it is removed from the mold and hand stamped with the mint logo, troy ounce weight, and purity.

The process of hand pouring silver requires experience, patience, and skill, three things the craftsmen at the SilverTowne Mint are very familiar with. Hand pouring silver is the only way to achieve each bar’s desirable rough appearance and ensure no two SilverTowne Poured Silver Bars are ever the same.

The SilverTowne Mint

Located in Winchester, Indiana, the SilverTowne Mint first started manufacturing quality silver bullion products in 1973. However, the business originated as a small coin shop in rural Indiana in 1949 and was run by husband and wife team, Leon and Ruhama Hendrickson. The SilverTowne shop offered Challenge Coins to American citizens who required such coins to prove their identity during the First World War.

From hand-poured silver bars to a large selection of stamped designs, the SilverTowne Mint now offers beautiful pure silver items for every type of bullion enthusiast. SilverTowne Poured Silver Bars are perhaps the most favored products to come from the mint as they boast numismatic appeal. Having said that, investors and collectors from far and wide appreciate the quality of all SilverTowne Mint bullion items and value the interesting history behind the brand.

Diversify Your Holdings with Nostalgic Hand Poured Bars

If you’re looking for well-crafted silver bullion with extra appeal, then a hand poured bar from the SilverTowne Mint will not disappoint. Not only will you be instantly impressed by the quality of a SilverTowne Poured Silver Bar of any size but also the incredible craftsmanship and vintage design.

The extraordinary design alone makes SilverTowne’s hand poured offerings highly sought after and gives you the chance to own bars that look like the products of yesteryear. If you want to add precious metals to your Individual Retirement Account (IRA), you’ll also be pleased to learn that all SilverTowne Poured Silver Bars are IRA approved products.

When investing in SilverTowne Poured Silver Bars, we recommend you always purchase from a reliable and trusted dealer. Here at Capital Gold Group, we only involve ourselves with genuine silver bars to ensure you only ever receive authentic products. If you require further help or assistance with obtaining poured silver bars from the SilverTowne Mint, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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