Gold: $1209.47 2018-11-11 02:01:02
Silver: $14.16 2018-11-11 02:01:02
Platinum: $853.67 2018-11-11 02:01:02
Palladium: $1114.67 2018-11-11 02:01:02


IN Australian Silver Coins

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Australian Silver Coins

Australian Silver Coins

Key Features

  • Contains 1 troy oz of .9999 pure silver
  • Produced by the Perth Mint
  • Backed by the Australian government
  • Face value of $1 (AUD)
  • 28th issue in the Silver Kookaburra series
  • Limited mintage of just 500,000coins

Produced by the Perth Mint, Australian Silver Coins feature some of the most interesting designs available on the market right now.

While the Royal Australian Mint is responsible for producing the nation’s official coinage, the Perth Mint is well-known for manufacturing the most beautiful and collectible Australian Silver Coins. The Perth Mint also boasts legal tender status under the Currency Act of 1965.

As Australia’s oldest production facility, the Perth Mint is trusted to manufacture .999 pure silver coins in various weights, sizes and finishes. From the highly sought-after Silver Kookaburra, Koala, and Kangaroo Silver Coins to the Lunar Series II Series, the Perth Mint releases annual coinage programs and limited-edition silver Australian Silver Coins to suit every coin enthusiast’s needs.

The Most Desired Australian Silver Coins

With various interesting silver coin designs to choose between, the Perth Mint sure knows how to give silver bullion hobbyists what they want. Rather than list them all here, we’re going to take a look at some of the mint’s most popular creations.

Australian Silver Kookaburra Coin

Since 1990, the Perth Mint has been striking the Australian Silver Kookaburra, a pure silver coin which changes its design annually. Although the coin always features an image of a Kookaburra, the design is tweaked from one year to the next.

On the obverse side of each Australian Silver Kookaburra Coin always displays a right-profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The portrait is encircled by the inscriptions ELIZABETH II, AUSTRALIA, and 1 DOLLAR. The reverse features the iconic Kookaburra image, which is surrounded by the engraving AUSTRALIAN KOOKABURRA and the coin’s weight, purity and mintage year.

Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin

Introduced as a proof coin in 1993, the Australian Silver Kangaroo continues to be produced on an annual basis in limited mintages. To appeal to collectors, the coin has also been struck in a high-relief proof. Like the Kookaburra Coin, the Australian Silver Kangaroo contains 1 oz. of .999 pure silver and has a face value of $1 (AUD). The Perth Mint also selects a unique Kangaroo image for the coin every year.

The obverse always depicts a right-profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by the engravings ELIZABETH II. Other inscriptions include AUSTRALIA and 1 DOLLAR. On the reverse side of each coin is a beautiful kangaroo and the year in which the coin was issued, along with the markings AUSTRALIAN KANGAROO and 1 OZ .999 SILVER.

In 2016, the Perth Mint unveiled a bullion version of the coin containing .9999 fine silver. It still features the cherished kangaroo on its reverse and is scheduled for annual release.

Australian Silver Koala Coin

The Australian Silver Koala Coin is not only struck in bullion and proof versions but also various weights each year. After its initial release in 2007, the coin quickly became a favorite among coin enthusiasts across the globe looking to enhance their private collections.

Queen Elizabeth II can always be found on the coin’s obverse, regardless of the year of mintage. On the reverse side of each coin is an image of a koala in its natural habitat. The Perth Mint introduces a new Koala image for the coin’s reverse each year to keep collectors interested.

Lunar Series II Collection

Although various world mints produce lunar-themed collections, the Perth Mint’s program has to be the most in demand of them all. Each coin will display the image of an animal from the 12-year Zodiac cycle, and a new design is released annually. While all coins from the Lunar Series II Collection will always contain .9999 pure silver, their face value will depend entirely on their weight.

This collection was inspired by the Perth Mint’s Lunar Series I Collection that ran from 1996 to 2007. However, all of the designs featured in the latest program are completely unique to the previous collection. Proof versions of the Lunar Series II Silver Coins are also available in four different weights.

Perth Mint History

Originally the third Australian branch of Britain’s Royal Mint, the Perth Mint officially opened in 1988 after the discovery of gold deposits in Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie. The other two Australian branches were the Sydney Mint and the Melbourne Mint, both of which are now closed.

Gold refining continued at the Perth Mint’s Hay Street premises until April 1990, when it moved to a facility in Perth’s eastern suburbs. The mint went on to strike more than 106 million gold sovereigns and around 735,000 half sovereigns for Australia and the British Empire between 1899 and 1931.

When Britain abandoned the gold standard in 1931, the Perth Mint stopped making gold sovereigns and turned its attention to producing fine gold bullion bars instead. However, in 1940, the Perth Mint began creating hundreds of millions of Australian pennies and half pennies. It had the right manpower and modern equipment to be able to fulfil an order of 1.3 million shillings in 1946. By 1973, the mint had produced a staggering 829 million 2 cent coins and 26 million 1 cent coins.

The Perth Mint remained under Britain’s jurisdiction until 1 July 1970, when ownership switched to the Government of Western Australia. Today, the Perth Mint is best known for manufacturing pure gold, silver and platinum legal tender coins, as well as proof quality collectors coins.

Discover the Added Value of Australian Silver Coins

With one of the most fascinating and diverse silver coin ranges in existence, the Perth Mint offers pure silver pieces perfect for every investor and collector. Not only can Australian Silver Coins help to diversify your portfolio but they also boast value as impressive collector’s items. As Perth Mint Silver Coins fit all interests, they will effortlessly strengthen the potential of your investment.

In addition to the Australian Silver Coins we’ve discussed on this page, the Perth Mint produces many other popular designs, such as the Wildlife Series, Australian Cub Series, and Silver Map-Shaped Series to name just a few. When you purchase Silver Coins that have been produced by the Perth Mint, you aren’t just investing in fine silver but also some of the most highly collectible products around today.

Whether you’re interested in an earlier piece or one of the Perth Mint’s latest designs, Capital Gold Group can help you achieve the collection you’ve always wanted. We can even assist you in obtaining hard to find Australian Silver Coins and those that have limited mintages. If you have any questions or would like more information about making a purchase, please feel free to contact us.

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