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IN Austrian Silver Philharmonics

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Austrian Silver Philharmonics

Austrian Silver Philharmonics

Key Features

  • Contains 1 troy oz of .999 pure silver
  • Produced by the Austrian Mint
  • Obverse displays the Great Pipe Organ from the Golden Music Hall
  • Reverse shows an assortment of musical instruments
  • Eligible for Precious Metals IRAs

Produced in Vienna by the Austrian Mint, the Austrian Silver Philharmonic is the first ever coin to be given a face value in euros.

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic was introduced in 2008 after the success of the gold version of the coin. Each piece contains .999 pure silver and is minted by the Austrian Mint in Vienna. This silver coin was actually the first of its type to be denominated in euros, and all Austrian Silver Philharmonics have a face value of €1.50 (EUR).

On the obverse side of the Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin is an image of the Great Pipe Organ from the Golden Music Hall at the Musikverein, which is home to Vienna’s Philharmonic Orchestra. Above the beautifully detailed organ is the engraving REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH written in the German language. The coin’s issue year sits below the image, along with the inscriptions 1 UNZE FEINSILBER and 1,50 EURO.

The reverse of the coin displays an assortment of musical instruments including a harp, cello, bassoon, and Vienna horn, as well as four violins. Again, written in German, the two engravings on the reverse include WIENER PHILHARMONIKER and SILBER.

History of the Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin

When the Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin was introduced in 1989, it was an instant success. The coin was initially available in two weights including 1/4 oz. and 1 oz. The program expanded over the years and went on to include a 1/10 oz. coin in 1991, a 1/2 oz. coin in 1994, and 1/25 oz. coin in 2014. After joining the European Union in 2002, all Austrian Gold Philharmonics were given a face value in euros.

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin was introduced to the world in 2008 when demand for the gold version of the coin increased. Since the silver coin’s initial release, mintage figures have varied from year to year to keep up with demand. The images featured on the Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin are the same as those seen on the gold coin and were designed by Thomas Pessendorfer, the chief engraver of the Austrian Mint.


1oz Silver Austrian Philharmonic-BACK

Background of the Austrian Mint

The Austrian Mint was originally known as the Vienna Principal Mint and adopted its new name in 1989. It has been the nation’s only mint since 1919 and is one of the oldest mints in the world today.

In 1194, England’s King Richard the Lionheart paid Duke Leopold V of Austria 15 tons of silver to secure his freedom from a year of imprisonment. Having been insulted by King Richard I, Duke Leopard captured the King and imprisoned him near Vienna. Duke Leopard used his silver to strike coins and, unknowingly at the time, laid the foundations of the Austrian Mint. However, the Vienna Mint didn’t appear in historical documents for another 200 years.

The Vienna Mint was originally located near Hoher Markt, then in the Wollzeile. It was later situated at Prince Eugene’s winter palace in Himmelpfortgasse. In the first half of the 19th century, the mint was moved to Heumarkt in central Vienna, where the coins are still struck today.

Over time, many mints were established in various towns and cities in Austria, such as Graz, Krems, Villach and Salzburg. With the formation of the Republic of Austria in 1918, the Vienna Principal Mint eventually became the only mint in the country. Its name was officially changed to the Austrian Mint in 1989 when it became a subsidiary of the Austrian National Bank.

Purchase the Austrian Mint’s Flagship Silver Coin Today

Not only is the Austrian Silver Philharmonic an internationally recognized coin but it’s also one of the most popular silver bullion coins worldwide. The coin is of a guaranteed quality and is highly sought-after by investors and collectors in Europe, North American and Japan. It has also helped the Austrian Mint to establish an outstanding reputation and become the success it is today.

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic is a wonderful celebration of the nation’s rich music culture, making it a fantastic piece that boasts collector’s value. Thanks to the coin’s collectability and .999 pure silver content, it’s also a great coin for your investment portfolio and is eligible for most precious metals IRAs.

If you’re interested in investing in the flagship product of the Austrian Mint, please feel free to reach out to us. The knowledgeable team at Capital Gold Group can not only answer any of your questions but also supply you with the famous Australian Silver Philharmonic Coin.

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