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Platinum: $838.52 2018-08-10 21:04:02
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in Silver Rounds

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Silver Rounds


Not to be confused with silver coins, Silver Rounds are produced by private mints rather than government mints. They are often considered commemorative pieces, especially those that feature decorative and intricate designs. However, some private mints create unadorned silver rounds that display only the name of the mint, along with the weight, purity, and metal content. Unlike many coins, silver rounds are not considered legal tender but they an excellent investment vehicle.

While silver rounds are similar to silver bars in that they are available in various sizes, they’re usually made in smaller weights. As there are more private mints producing silver rounds than silver bars, investors can not only buy smaller quantities of silver with ease but also a variety of quality designs.

Why Buy Silver Rounds?

First and foremost, silver rounds are great stores of value and generally more affordable to purchase than silver coins. Although they don’t have a face value and are not produced for circulation purposes, Silver rounds composed of .999 pure silver are a safe and convenient way to own silver and diversify a portfolio. They can also be bought for a lower premium than silver coins, allowing investors to purchase greater quantities of silver and still benefit when silver prices rise.

Investors are particularly fond of silver rounds because they are lighter, smaller and easier to store than large silver bars. Silver rounds can also be bought and sold very easily, as well as be included in a precious metals Individual Retirement Account (IRA) provided they have a minimum finesses of .999 pure silver.

Commemorative Silver Rounds are more favorable among collectors and hobbyists, and there are countless designs to choose between. Many honor important events and historical stories, while others celebrate wildlife, sports, and even old coin designs.

Popular Silver Round Weights

As the number of people making the wise decisions to invest in silver continues to grow, more private mints are producing silver rounds. From Sunshine Minting and Engelhard to SilverTowne and Republic Metals Corporation (RMC), even some of the most reputable silver bullion brands are among the long list of producers. Furthermore, most private mints offer silver rounds in small and fractional sizes including these very popular weights:


  • 1 oz. Silver Rounds

Silver rounds are often made in the common 1 oz. size because it’s one of the most popular weights on the market. Their desirability is helped by the fact that they can be neatly stacked and stored in the home or any other secure location. Although relatively small, 1 oz. Silver Rounds are produced in many different designs, ranging from quite bare examples to incredibly detailed pieces. Some will be more expensive than others, and the price will depend on various things, such as the detailing, manufacturer and mintage figures. However, the price for a 1 oz. Silver Round is generally very reasonable compared to the cost of a silver bullion bar.


  • 2 oz. Silver Rounds

By being slightly larger than the 1 oz. Silver Rounds, 2 oz. Silver Rounds give their producers a little more room to play with in terms of design. You only have to take a look at the stunning offerings from the Elemetal Mint to understand what we mean by this. Many of Elemetal’s 2 oz. Silver Rounds are extremely detailed including the Mount Rushmore Silver Round, the Cleopatra Silver Round, and the Liberty Island Silver Round. Investors also appreciate that most 2 oz. Silver Rounds from various private mints cost only a little more than the 1 oz. alternatives. Again, they’re also easy to stack and store because they are small and portable.


  • 5 oz. Silver Rounds

While .999 fine silver rounds of any size are great for enhancing and diversifying an investment portfolio, 5 oz. Silver Rounds offer that little bit more. Obviously, this is because they are larger than 2 oz. and 1 oz. Silver Rounds, making them a good choice for silver buyers with a slightly bigger budget. 5 oz. Silver Rounds are also reasonably priced due to their low premium over the spot price of silver and available from some famous private mints including Anonymous, SilverTowne and Osborne.

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