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IN 5 oz Silver Rounds

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5 oz Silver Rounds

5 oz Silver Rounds

Key Features

  • Contains 5 troy oz of .999 fine silver
  • Produced by the SilverTowne Mint in Indiana
  • Special stackable design
  • Features SilverTowne logo
  • Comes with both frosted and mirror-like finishes

It’s easy to add diversity to your portfolio or collection with 5 oz. Silver Rounds, many of which are produced by some of the world’s leading private mints.

For investors wishing to buy silver in addition or in place of mid-sized silver bars, 5 oz. Silver Rounds are a smart choice. Not only are silver rounds containing five full ounces of pure silver considered a sizeable investment but they’re generally less expensive than silver bars. 5 oz. Silver Rounds are also popular in the collector community because of the various design options available.

Many private mints specialize in producing different types of 5 oz. Silver Rounds, from coin replicas and stackable rounds to special edition rounds. As these rounds allow their artists more space to be creative, there are plenty of stunning designs to be found from various private mints including Anonymous, Osborne and SilverTowne.

Desirable 5 oz. Silver Round Designs

Unlike silver coins, 5 oz. Silver Rounds composed of .999 fine silver do not carry face values but they are manufactured by some of the most famous names in the silver bullion market. Investors and collectors can also get their hands on a wonderful selection of 5 oz. Silver Round designs, some of which have been explored below.

5 oz. SilverTowne Buffalo Silver Round

The very reputable SilverTowne Mint has created a 5 oz. .999 fine Silver Buffalo Nickel replica, boasting one of the most iconic coin designs in American history. Its artwork comes from the Buffalo Nickel, also known as the Indian Head Nickel, which is an eye-catching coin that was designed by James Earle Fraser and originally minted from 1913 to 1938.

On the obverse of the 5 oz. SilverTowne Buffalo Silver Round is the unmistakable portrait of the Native American, as well as the engraving LIBERTY. The reverse features a bison, rather than a buffalo and the inscriptions UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and E PLURIBUS UNUM above the bison image with 5 TROY OZ .999 FINE SILVER below.

This particular 5 oz. Silver Round enables investors and collectors to enjoy an old coin design on a custom-minted silver round that weighs in at a valuable 5 troy ounces.

5 oz. Proof Silverbug Ariana Silver Round

The 5 oz. Proof Silverbug Ariana Silver Round is the most popular Silverbug design in existence. It was actually the first design to come from the Silverbug round series, which was originally struck by the North American Mint. Nowadays, all designs from the series are produced by the Osborne Coin Company, the oldest private mint in America.

Ariana the fairy was first introduced in 2014 and commissioned by the Silverbug Reddit community in celebration of reaching 5,000 group members. The silver round was initially only available in a 1 oz. weight but, became so sought after, a limited edition 5 oz. version was later added to the program.

On the obverse side of the 5 oz. Proof Silverbug Ariana Silver Round is the engraving IN SILVER WE TRUST and the image of Ariana, the Silverbug’s first-ever fairy design to be featured on a silver round. The reverse displays the scarab image that is used on all reverse faces of Silverbug silver rounds, along with the inscription FIVE TROY OUNCES. Other reverse markings include 999 FINE SILVER and FOR THE SILVERBUG COMMUNITY.

5 oz. Antique Medusa Silver Round

Another private minting facility in the United States to offer 5 oz. Silver rounds is the Anonymous Mint. While the mint produces various appealing silver rounds, the Antique Medusa Silver Round containing 5 troy ounces of .999 pure silver is a must-have item for any collection.

The obverse side of the 5 oz. Antique Medusa Silver Round features the front-facing image of Medusa, the Greek demon with the ability to turn men into stone. Medusa has a head full of snakes and an evil glint in her eyes. On the round’s reverse is an owl with arrows in one talon and an olive branch in the other. This owl image is also the Anonymous Mint’s official logo. Engravings on the reverse include 5 Ounce .999 Fine Silver and ANONYMOUS MINT.

Like many Anonymous Mint silver rounds, the 5 oz. Medusa Silver Round has a gorgeous antique finish to make the piece appear older than it actually is.

Start Your 5 oz. Silver Round Investment Today

5 oz. Silver Rounds of any design offer you a convenient and affordable way to invest in pure silver. As they are still reasonably small in size, these rounds can also be easily stored and stacked just about anywhere in the home. What’s more, 5 oz. .999 Fine Silver Rounds can assist with your investment goals because many of these pieces can be placed in your Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Don’t forget, 5 oz. Silver Rounds are an excellent choice for boosting a silver bullion collection or purchasing as a gift for a loved one or friend. This is because you have a huge choice of silver round designs to select from, many of which are struck by some of the most famous private mints in the world.

Whether it is the SilverTowne Buffalo Silver Round, the Antique Medusa Silver Round or any other 5 oz. Silver Round we haven’t featured on this page, Capital Gold Group can ensure you buy the highest quality products available. Please feel free to contact us to discuss placing an order or for more information about a particular silver round.

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